About Us
INTEK Inc. is an energy management consulting company headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, USA. Our services focus on oil & gas, renewable energy, information technology, and information management. Intek offers unique capabilities in:
  • Evaluation of energy and mineral resources
  • Assesment of energy technologies
  • Evaluation of infrastructure and logistics, markets, risks, and vulnerabilities
  • Evaluation of environmental issues and related public policy
  • Development of information management systems, geospatial tools and analytical tools

INTEK is a small business with a big footprint. Our services suport decision makers at the highest levels of governement and the private sector. As a co-owner of AOC Petroleum Support Services, LLC, INTEK has proudly provided technical support to the Deparment of Energy, Office of Petroleum Reserves for over a decade, and separately has served other governement agencies. INTEK also serves a number of international comanies in exploration and engineering support for the development of unconventional energy resources, particularly in the area of oil shale. INTEK has expertise in the utilization of commercial scale solar projects as sources of electric power for retorting and upgrading of oil shale projects.

INTEK is commited to serving its clients as a trusted partner. We provide engineering and solution based services to assist them with the desired outcomes and objectives. Our experience, insights, and expertise are focused to deliver quality services, add value, and guarantee over-all client satisfaction. 

Founded in 1998